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Blog | Guests at Carriearl Boutique Hotel rave about these things |
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Guests at Carriearl Boutique Hotel rave about these things

Top Five Favs at Carriearl in the Berry Islands

 The allure of The Berry Islands is often understated, as the island is still a best-kept secret. After combing through tonnes of guest feedback, here are the top five things that guests of the Carriearl Boutique Hotel in Great Harbour Cay rave about.

  1. Its stunning views and gorgeous property
    Carriearl's feels like a tropical oasis to many guests. They fall in love with the spectacular view of the ocean from the resort and its naturally landscaped surroundings, including a coconut grove. One guest described the hotel as having “eclectic elegance”. The interior design style is not fancy or fussy. The common area looks like a comfy living room. At the same time, the outdoor spaces, including the pool and poolside bar are classy and comfy. There are four rooms on property, some with sliding doors that lead directly to the pool, others with private terraces overlooking the pool and beach. For many guests, the fresh-water pool, 50-feet long, is a valued extra that adds to the hotel's charm.
  2.  Its close proximity to the beach
    Although the stylish pool is Instagram-worthy, it is no substitute for the beach. Luckily, Carriearl Boutique Hotel is less than 100 yards away from a private beach. You take a short stroll to the beach through the coconut grove. Guests delight in long walks along the beach.  
  3. Its scrumptious food
    It must be difficult to appease such a diverse array of palates when catering to travellers from all around the globe. It seems though that Carriearl has certainly found a way to cater to the tastes and appetites of their guests. It was hard to find a review that did not praise the food as being the best on the island. Guests talked about the portion sizes, the flavors and the dining room set up in general. Some loved that there was a lounge area to enjoy appetizers while waiting for the food to be prepared. Others were in awe of the presentation and the fact that the chef was also willing to adhere to various dietary restrictions and requests. The good thing about Carriearl’s dining room is that it is not limited only to their guests. So if you are in Great Harbour Cay and in search of a mouthwatering menu, stop at Carriearl.
  4. Small-island charm
    There are times when some of us like to break away from the fast-pace of city life in exchange for some out-island charm. The ambience of Carriearl Boutique Hotel and The Berry Islands itself is a top selling point for many guests, who describe the place as intimate and private, with a family-like atmosphere. This is consistent with the hotels' history, as it was formerly a home to Mr. Earl Blackwell in the 1970s. One guest even described his delight in finding Carriearl to “finding an unbroken sand dollar,” while others labeled it a “home away from home”
  5. The friendly and accommodating hosts and their team
    There is simply no substitute for good service no matter how great a resort's amenities might be. The owner/managers of Carriearl Boutique Hotel constantly come up in guest reviews for being natural hosts who deliver top-notch service. Angie and Marty have been applauded by guests for creating such a friendly atmosphere that visitors feel they have been friends or family for many years. Marty endears himself to guests with his quirky habit of roaming the property barefoot. This is why his nickname is the Barefoot Chef. It is no surprise that the couple’s warmth is one of the most memorable aspects for many. Beyond mingling with the guests, the couple also provides personal touches like courtesy transportation for guests to and from the marina.
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