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Blog | Hidden islands in the Caribbean take the spotlight |
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Hidden islands in the Caribbean take the spotlight

Travel publisher shows lots of love for Cat Island and the Berry Islands

Don't take our word for it: They said it, we didn't. We're talking about the publishers and readers of Caribbean Journal, who placed Cat Island at the top of the list of nine Caribbean islands you should visit right now. Not to be left out, the Berry Islands landed sixth on the list. These Out Islands, located in the central and northern Bahamas, refused to be outshined by their more well-known counterparts in the archipelago. They have been hidden from the spotlight in the past, but not anymore. 

We love Cat Island for many reasons, but Caribbean Journal is a big fan of its great untouched beaches. 

Four times a week you can fly direct from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to New Bight, Cat Island on Watermakers Air, and choose from . 

We couldn't be happier that people are actually starting to get it: The Bahamas is more than Nassau, the Capital. There is an entire archipelago to explore with over 16 Out Islands. It comes as no surprise to us that Cat Island and the Berry Islands would secure top spots on a list of must see islands in the Caribbean. 

The Berry Islands might not be well known by name, but what they have to offer is right in line with the things island hoppers lover about The Bahamas. Take a peak below at this Jacob Wagner video blog exploring the Berry Islands and see for yourself. 

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Noelle Khalila, The Domestic Tourist

Noelle Khalila is Editor of the Official Travel Blog of the Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board (BOIPB). On the Blog she writes about the shared experiences and insights of BOIPB members from their collective island-hopping travel across the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Noelle is also an award winning journalist and entrepreneur, serving as editor and chief visionary officer of The Domestic Tourist Travel Blog and Travel Club.

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