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Blog | The awe inspiring ocean blues of The Bahamas  |
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The awe inspiring ocean blues of The Bahamas

Moments in time beautifully capture the Out Islands from above

There is no better vantage point than flying high to capture the beauty of our Out Island blues. Some of our favorite aerial photos will paint a picture of why The Bahamas is synonymous with the best beaches in the Caribbean and the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

Two professional pilots, Mark of "Flying and Tavel" and Oli of "Pilots Paradise" inspired us to dust off our old aerials. They teamed up for a seven-island, island-hopping tour of the Out Islands. From high in the sky, they documented Eleuthera, Cat Island, Long Island, Staniel Cay, Exuma, San Salvador and Abaco. Check out Mark's to see his aerial shots and a sampling below of some of our favorite Out Island blues.  

Exuma Blues

Caption: The Exumas, a chain of islands within the archipelago, is most famous for its ocean blues. The shallow waters surrounding the Exumas create a unique tapestry of oceans blues that is equally as breathtaking when cruising on the surface in a boat. 

Andros Blues

Caption: Andros shows off its stunning blues in the ocean and inland. Blue holes are a uniquely abundant feature on Andros Island. These naturally formed, deep and mythical swimming pools are classic symbols of Andros' blues.  

Long Island Blues

Caption: Long Island's shallow flats are not only good to admire for how they showcase the island's blues, but they are famous as fly fishing playgrounds too. 

San Salvador Blues

Caption: San Salvador 

Harbour Island Blues

Caption: Harbour Island is most famous for its pink sand, but not to be outdone, its blues are also stunning. 

Eleuthera Blues

Caption: Eleuthera Island has shallow banks on one side of the island and deep ocean on the other.  The narrowest part of the island, known for its Glass Window Bridge perfectly displays the island's contrasting blues. 

Cat Island Blues

Caption: Cat Island
About the Author
Noelle Khalila, The Domestic Tourist

Noelle Khalila is Editor of the Official Travel Blog of the Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board (BOIPB). On the Blog she writes about the shared experiences and insights of BOIPB members from their collective island-hopping travel across the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Noelle is also an award winning journalist and entrepreneur, serving as editor and chief visionary officer of The Domestic Tourist Travel Blog and Travel Club.

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