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A Long Island Vacation: Things to do


Want to brush up on the history, culture, and customs of The Bahamas? Plan a visit to the Long Island Museum. The entire island is dotted with plantation ruins, historic cottages, and groups of pristine, white, and bright blue gothic churches.

On the east coast, the island features dramatic cliffs, pristine scuba diving, and coral reefs. The western coast is where you'll find shallow, azure bays, exotic birds, kayaking, and is a perfect place to splash and swim around. Beautiful, secluded beaches are the perfect setting for a tropical honeymoon or destination wedding.

Some of the best beaches in The Bahamas are on Long Island. The Love Beaches as they are called, are covered in pink sand. A short distance away is a shallow bay, a perfect place for children to frolic and play.

Twenty miles south of Stella Maris is Salt Pond. This thriving commercial business section is home to Long Island’s salt production as well as the island's lobster and fish processing plants.

Dunmore Town exudes a sense of nostalgia in its crafts, artwork, and centuries-old churches. Tour the ruins and relics of the Dunmore Plantation, an old estate and former slave plantation built of limestone. Vivid drawings grace the walls, depicting sailboats used during the plantation era. The pillars, believed to be gateposts from the old plantation, can be seen a mile from this historic estate.

The first known settlers in The Bahamas were the Lucayan Indian tribe. Many of their artifacts and prehistoric drawings were discovered in Hamilton's Cave on Long Island. Explore this ancient cave system and see the historic cavern drawings—the remaining relics of Bahamian history.

The list of stunning sites about Long Island begins in Clarence Town—a peaceful settlement near superb snorkeling and scuba diving. Next, are the turquoise shallows at Turtle Cove that lead to one of the world's deepest blue holes at 660-feet. Navigate the eight largest underwater cavern in the world out to pristine tropical beaches.

On the northernmost tip of the island, North Long Island, there is a 15-foot tall stone obelisk. The stunning views and bright green seas offer some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving around. It’s a scene that takes your breath away—a true example of what makes Long Island a special place.