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Blog | How to vacation freely and eat healthy in the Abacos |
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How to vacation freely and eat healthy in the Abacos

Vacation decadence and healthy eating can go together in Treasure Cay

Abaco is a source of health and wellness awaiting to be discovered. On the surface, this out island destination might look like a decadent place fun in the sun, with tropical cocktails and swimming with swine. However, if you look a little deeper, Treasure Cay is actually a great place to take a break from the world without breaking your healthy habits.

Much credit goes to the amenities available at the . The resort offers a full-service spa and fitness center, with classes ranging from yoga to block fitness. It is easy to relax and unwind in the beautiful atmosphere while maintaining your health in Treasure Cay.

Take a day to go island hopping to nearby cays; swim with pigs and stingrays; hand feed turtles; then head to nearby Guana Cay and check out  Organic and Hydroponic Farm for locally grown healthy veggies and sprouts. Back at Treasure Cay enjoy a relaxing massage with Suzette Colquhoun who offers poolside massages and spa therapies: Hot stones, deep tissue or even Swedish or Thai massages will heal those tired muscles. All the while, indulge in a 'Tipsy Splash' signature cocktail from the

The hardest part of living healthy on vacation is eating right. With plenty of healthy choices at several dining options on the resort as well as the island, Treasure Cay takes away the worry and allows you to indulge your island appetites while still making healthy choices.

Check out our suggestions for a healthy on-island meal plan:

  1. Breakfast
    Start off the day beachside at , with a ‘healthy start fresh fruit cocktail’ to get your day going.
  2. Lunch
    Venture out to one of the local restaurants on island for a midday meal. Treasure Cay’s “A Touch of Class” restaurant gets high reviews on Trip Advisor, and one guest notes that the seafood selection is especially fresh, saying: “the cook’s use fresh seafood and high-quality ingredients which is immediately detected on the palate with your first bite of Johnny Cake and the explosions on your palate just keep on going from there.”
  3. Dinner
    Dinner at provides a great selection of fresh fish, lean meats and delicious veggies. The nearby Treasure Sands Club has an Asian/Sushi night featuring a creative selection of Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri and Asian inspired appetizers and entrees.


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