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Blog | Long Island has never looked so spectacularly blue |
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Long Island has never looked so spectacularly blue

Don't mix them up: This is Long Island, The Bahamas

Outside of the name they share, Long Island, NY, USA, is nothing like Long Island, The Bahamas. However, Siri, Alexa, Google and pretty much every search engine always mixes them up. If you want to research Long Island for a vacation to the Bahamas, be sure to input the proper qualifiers: Long Island, The Bahamas. And when in doubt, one comparative look at the beaches in the two Long islands, will clear the confusion up. The spectacular difference between their beaches is evidence enough that Long Island, the Bahamas is not your ordinary beach destination.  

The beaches in the Hamptons are certainly beautiful. However, once you’ve visited Long Island, The Bahamas, you’ll understand why Bahamians and repeat visitors to the Bahamas tend to be discerning beach snobs. Few other destinations can compare when it comes to beaches: Perhaps only the far flung Greek Isles and Pacific Islands.

If you visit Long Island, or any Out Island in The bahamas, we guarantee your Bahamian beach experience will match the expectations of your dreams and the dozens of photographs you’ve probably lusted over. Learn more about Long Island and its boutique hotels. 

In our biased opinion, Long Island, The Bahamas has the most beautiful beaches. However, when it comes to choosing the best beach for you that depends on what you’re looking for. Bahamian beaches are not like beach towns in the USA. In the Bahamas:

  1. There is no major surfing on Long Island’s beaches.
  2. There are no crowds on a Long Island beach, so it's probably not the best place for meeting new people. Enough privacy to literally have sex on the beach: yes, you'll probably find that. 
  3. In shoulder deep in water you can clearly see your toes beneath the transparent water. Long Island's beaches are definitely places for swimming. 
  4. No commercial amenities on Long Island's beaches. Bring what you need to the beach in Long Island, because you can’t walk down the boardwalk to a café or rent a kayak from a beachfront vendor.

What's best on a Long Island Beach

The beaches in Long Island, The Bahamas are places to get away from the crowd; to experience tranquility in a stunning natural environment. They are places to enjoy free fun in the form of picnicking, sun-bathing, snorkeling, hand line fishing, boating and playing beach games. 

When you’re visiting Long Island, The Bahamas, include visits to some of these beaches on your itinerary: Columbus Harbour, Cape Santa Maria Beach, Hog Cay Beach, Love Beach, Deal’s Beach, Dean's Blue Hole Beach and Gordon’s Beach.

About the Author
Noelle Khalila, The Domestic Tourist

Noelle Khalila is Editor of the Official Travel Blog of the Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board (BOIPB). On the Blog she writes about the shared experiences and insights of BOIPB members from their collective island-hopping travel across the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Noelle is also an award winning journalist and entrepreneur, serving as editor and chief visionary officer of The Domestic Tourist Travel Blog and Travel Club.

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