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Blog | See for yourself: Harbour Island in 3 traveler videos |
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See for yourself: Harbour Island in 3 traveler videos

A luxurious and downhome little island for boat lovers and beach bums

Bahamian island hopper Brett Davis captures the serenity that is Harbour Island when the sea is calm, the morning air is crisp and the sea breeze is salty fresh. If you wake up in Harbour Island and you are greeted by these ideal conditions, the day is speaking to you; it's begging you to head to the sea for a day of beaching and boating.

YouTuber Richard Scarrott captured a recent trip to Harbour Island starring the giddy family dog. They all had their first-hand experience swimming in ocean water that is literally as clear as glass. It's a fact of life that makes Bahamians beach snobs when they travel around the world. Richard shows that whether horseback riding, paddle boarding or beach picnicking, Harbour Island is all about the sea.

Be as free as a Harbour Island rooster is one lesson to learn from YouTuber Rangoon Girl's view of the island. When you scoot around Harbour Island in your golf cart you'll pass colorful clapboard houses that give the island a distinct architectural identity, while discovering a laid back community that likes to eat well.

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Noelle Khalila, The Domestic Tourist

Noelle Khalila is Editor of the Official Travel Blog of the Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board (BOIPB). On the Blog she writes about the shared experiences and insights of BOIPB members from their collective island-hopping travel across the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Noelle is also an award winning journalist and entrepreneur, serving as editor and chief visionary officer of The Domestic Tourist Travel Blog and Travel Club.

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