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Blog | Eleuthera: An eco-tourists dream island |
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Eleuthera: An eco-tourist's dream island

More to do than than bask in endless sunshine

It goes without saying that Eleuthera is the ideal setting for a visitor to do nothing more than bask in endless sunshine. Turns out, however, Eleuthera is also an impressive location for ecotourists to engage in more ecological, active or adventurous activities. If sunbathing is not enough for you, check out these things to do. 

Leon Levy Preserve

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Governor’s Harbour is Eleuthera’s first national park. While hiking through miles of trails and wetlands, you can observe hundreds of indigenous plant and animal species. Learn to spot the difference between an edible plant and a poisonous one or discover how Eleuthera’s rich, red dirt actually made its way there all the way from the Sahara Desert in Africa. Have fun labeling native birds, walking amongst lizards and inspecting bug specimens in the local collection. Watch local snakes sunbathing on the rocks and friendly turtles popping their heads out to greet visitors. Leon Levy has organised tours, workshops and other events, but you can also explore self-guided.

The Cape Eleuthera Institute/The Island School

For the aspiring research scientists interested in the local terrestrial and marine environments, a journey to the Island School and the Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) in the south is a must. The Island School is a Marine Biology Institute where high-schoolers, primarily from the United States, study abroad and learn outside of a traditional classroom. The entire island and surrounding sea is their laboratory! CEI focuses on shark and lionfish research as well as aquaponics. 

Cliffs, Caves, Blue Holes and Tide Pools

Hidden all along Eleuthera’s 110-mile stretch you will find caves, blue holes, cliffs, tide pools and other natural formations that make this Out Island much more than just a gorgeous beach destination. From the Queen's Bath, a tide pool suited for swimming, to the cliffs at Rainbow Bay, there’s more than enough to get into if sunbathing is not enough for you. Grab a flashlight and roam any of Eleuthera’s historic caves in search of pirate treasure or spend hours wading in one of several bottomless blue holes. 

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