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Blog | Five classic Eleuthera attractions that never get old |
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Five classic Eleuthera attractions that never get old

We can't get enough of these sights to see and things to do when visiting Eleuthera

The slender island of Eleuthera is part of a tiny group of islands and cays that include Current Island, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. With direct flights from the US, Eleuthera is more accessible today than ever before. There are a few spots on the island that never get old: They always have and always will drip of paradise perfection.

  1. The Glass Window Bridge

    The glass window is located at the narrowest part of Eleuthera. Beneath the bridge, the typically calm Bahama bank and the raging Atlantic ocean come close enough to exchange seaspray, but not close enough for the waters to actually kiss. Separated only by a narrow sliver of land and a bridge, the striking contrast between the ocean’s navy blue and the turquoise water on the shallows is largely why this attraction is so mesmerizing. One thing that never gets old: peering through the metaphorical window from beneath the bridge or taking in aerial shots of the contrasting seas.
  2. Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

    This beach stretches for just over three miles; many feel compelled to walk every inch once they set eyes on its powder-pink landscape. Harbour Island, known to the natives as Briland, is world-renowned for its pink sand. According to folklore, the sand is pink because God desired to distinguish it from all the rest by dipping his cotton-candy-sweet pinkie into the sand. The scientific explanation is slightly less romantic. When tiny sea creatures called Foraminifera die in the ocean, their shell remains are crushed by the waves and then washed ashore to fuse with the sand. 
  3. Eleuthera’s Caves

    Because of its historic significance, Preacher’s Cave is the most commonly recommended cave in Eleuthera. It is celebrated for providing both shelter and sanctuary for the first settlers of the island after their infamous shipwreck on the treacherous shipping channel known as the Devil’s Backbone. Visitors love exploring it as well as swimming, snorkeling and picnicking on the beach adjacent to it.

    The truth is, Eleuthera has many more caves, many of which are more interesting than Preacher’s Cave, because they have more intricate tunnels, formations, natural features and secret spots. Some of the other caves that never get old include Hatchet Bay Cave, Smugglers Cave, Rum Bottle Cave and Spider Cave. They all provided fun and free entertainment. If you’re planning to explore be sure to bring a flashlight. Be careful and respectful of all the creatures living inside: spiders, bats and crabs are the common ones.
  4. Blue Holes

    Blue holes are a geological phenomenon common on the out islands. They are seemingly bottomless sinkholes that lead to underwater caves. The Bahamas has the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. Eleuthera is home to quite a few remarkable ones, including Sapphire Hole in North Eleuthera, and Ocean Hole in Rock Sound. Jacques Cousteau himself came to Eleuthera to play and explore its blue holes. Even if you visit Eleuthera a thousand times, taking a dip in one of these refreshing pockets, said to have healing powers, will never disappoint.
  5. Lighthouse Beach

    Eleuthera has so many outstanding beaches it is almost blasphemous to pick a favorite. Lighthouse Beach, however, stands out from the crowd. The beach is located at Eleuthera’s southernmost tip. The main entrance road is a long, dirt road riddled with potholes, and you should definitely travel it in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

    The adventure of getting to the beach is all part of its appeal; the journey has allowed the beach to remain remote and unspoiled. The derelict lighthouse that gives the beach its name looks down on a completely undisturbed stretch of powdered sand with snorkel worthy reefs in the shallow sky blue waters offshore. At Lighthouse Beach it is best to plan for the day. You can enjoy swimming, exploring the nearby caves and rock formations or a simple picnic.
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