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Blog | Why choose Harbour Island for a romantic getaway in The Bahamas |
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Why choose Harbour Island for a romantic getaway in The Bahamas

A guide to romance in Harbour Island

by Hadassah Hall

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in The Bahamas and you want something different, here is a guide to considering Harbour Island.  What does “different” mean? Of course, that is personal, for if you ask 10 people you are sure to get 10 different answers. But Harbour Island’s different means: No crowds, no high rise buildings,  no traffic jams and no theme parks. It is quaint, laid back and intimate.

The streets of Dunmore Town, the island’s main street, are strewn with pastel colored cottages and picket fences, reminiscent of old-time Bahamian architecture from the 1700s. Dunmore Town was once the capital of The Bahamas.

Getting There

There are direct flights from two cities in Florida: Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the North Eleuthera Airport in Lower Bogue, Eleuthera. From there, it is just a 5-minute cab ride and a 10-minute scenic water taxi ride to Briland.


Take a romantic sunrise stroll along the pink sand beach, or a sunset stroll along Dunmore Street to admire the eye-catching colonial-style houses with bougainvillea entrances. You can also jump on a scooter or bicycle, or into a golf cart, the primary mode of transport for visitors, and take a tour of the entire island. It is less than four miles long and a half mile wide.

On your tour, visit the straw market for local crafts, boutiques, art galleries or purchase a fresh, native pineapple from one of the roadside vendors. Experience the fun, yet relaxing activity of horseback riding on an uncluttered, spectacular beach. Harbour Island’s beach is no ordinary beach. It is an iconic pink sand beach stretching for three miles.


What’s a romantic getaway without dinner for two? As the sun is setting, taste the island with al fresco dining experience at one of the two restaurants at Valentines Resort and Marina.  Try the grilled spiny lobster stuffed with vegetables and served with plantain and corn or the restaurant’s seafood bliss of shrimp, lobster and conch tossed in a roasted tomato and lobster broth on top of linguine pasta.

Take a Piece of the Island Home

Located in the heart of Harbour Island is Princess Street Art Gallery. This gallery is packed with local and international art, inspired by the beauty of Harbour Island. From portraits, abstracts in watercolors, photographs, sculptures and locally made craft, the Bahamian culture comes alive in this creative space.

Visit Monday through Saturday 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm. The is gallery usually closed during September and October.

Cover Photo by Christine Puccio
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