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Blog | Two Acklins hotels named after Chester: How to tell the difference |
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Two Acklins hotels named after Chester: How to tell the difference


When researching hotels in Acklins, you might get confused between the two fly-fishing lodges in Chesters, a settlement in the north of Acklins Island: Chester’s Highway Inn and Chester’s Bonefish Lodge both use the name of their hometown.

Who is Chester and why is the town named after, presumably, him? No one knows. However, the settlement is important because it is strategically located near hot fly-fishing spots for vacationers, including Chester’s Creek, Atwood Harbour, Lovely Bay and Gordon’s Bay. From Chesters, it is also easy to launch a boat headed for Crooked Island or Long Cay, which also have great fly-fishing grounds. 

If you are visiting Acklins and looking for bonefishing lodges in the north, here are a few things that differentiate the two hotels in Chesters. This list will hopefully help with your research.   

Chester’s Highway Inn

  1. Apartment Style Rooms
    The rooms at Chester’s Highway Inn are apartment style: The front room is furnished with a couch, kitchenette, dining table for two and a mounted flat screen television. It is a spacious area that isn’t over-cluttered. The bedrooms are to the rear of the apartment and include the bathroom. The bedroom can get quite dark if you wish, even during the day, while the front room lets in a lot of natural light.  
  2. The Creek  
    Less than 40 feet away from your bedroom door, directly opposite Chester’s Highway Inn, there is a large creek for fly-fishing and kayaking. At low tide, sandbars rise from the creek. You can wade in the water ankle deep at some spots and cast your fly. The hotel’s kayaks are kept on a ramp right by the creek for easy access.
  3. Lobster Chowder
    Conch chowder is the most well known Bahamian soup, but in Acklins, chowder takes on new taste and meaning. The welcome meal at Chester’s Highway Inn is always Lobster Chowder. It’s creamy, flavorful and stocked full of meaty goodness.
  4. Husband and Wife Team
    Mr and Mrs Chisholm is the husband and wife pair that runs Chester’s Highway Inn. They may be of retirement age, but they are a sprightly couple that embraces the freedom that comes with secluded island living.

Chester’s Bonefish Lodge

  1. Studio Rooms
    The studio rooms at Chester’s Bonefish Lodge are huge. They comfortably fit two queen beds, a round dining table with seating for four and a dresser. All of the rooms have mounted flat screen TVs. The kitchenette, walk-in closet and bathroom all have their own lock off doors.
  2. The Beach
    Chester’s Bonefish Lodge hides a secret beach just beyond a short walking path. It’s not visible from the resort, but the landscaped walkway will beacon you to explore. At the other end of the path is a beautiful sunrise beach. Parts of the shoreline are rocky: smooth, saltwater-washed rocks. At low tide, the beach doesn't just extend along the coast, it goes out to sea. You can walk out for maybe 400-meters and still only reach knee deep in water. 
  3. Fish Chowder
    Order meals in advance at the bonefish lodge, and when you do, be sure to request the fish chowder. Chunky bits of fresh Bahamian fish, mixed up with diced carrots, potato and other vegetables makes for a hearty soup that won’t leave you over-stuffed. Neither chef gave me the secret recipe, but my guess is that the creamy thickness comes from an egg white based infusion.  
  4. The Shopkeeper
    When he’s not running the hotel and catering to his guests, Mr. Wendell Deveaux [pictured in the foreground] runs a mini-hardware and convenience store and sells ice on the island. Chester’s is where he was born and where he grew. He’s a quiet, steadfast gentleman with a love for his island.  
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