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What Makes the Abaco Islands So Distinctive

Discover the Abacos

There are no mega-resorts, shopping centers, amusement parks or casinos on the islands that make up the Abacos. However, there are historical places to visit, friendly people, and a good supply of water activities to keep most visitors busy. The Abacos consists mainly of Great Abaco and a collection of barrier islands. Great Abaco extends some 90 plus miles long, yet not more than four miles wide on average. 

 A brush with history

The American Revolutionary War had a major impact on the islands of the Abacos. On Green Turtle Cay, there is a statue dedicated to the English loyalists that landed on the shores of Abaco during the American Revolutionary War. Visit the charming New Plymouth on the tiny, three-mile island of Green Turtle Cay for a throwback in history. 

Colonial architecture

On the small islands of Green Turtle Cay, Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay, and Great Guana Cay, the architecture in these settlements are classically quaint, colorful, and colonial. The settlements are sized for pedestrians and golf carts, not so much for large vehicles. So a visit to the Abacos will feel like a civilization away: Relaxing comes easy here.


You don't need a car in the Abacos but you do need a boat: Not necessarily your own, as there are ferries and private charters. Boats, golf carts, bicycles, and dinghies are the most common means of transportation for visitors. The Sea of Abaco is protected on one side by Great Abaco and the other side by barrier islands, so the waters are calm and beautiful. Man-O-War Cay is considered the Bahamas' boatbuilding center. Boatbuilding on these islands goes back to the colonial era.   

Boutique hotels

The many islands that make up the Abacos are scattered with cottage-style boutique hotels. Whether you decide to visit one of the smaller resorts such the Pelican Beach Villas or spend time at a marina resort such as Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina, you will discover that the accommodations have a laid back, Caribbean feel to them. 

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