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Blog | Landscapes that will inspire you to visit Long Island |
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Landscapes that will inspire you to visit Long Island

Columbus Monument true beauty is in Blue Sound

One of the places in Long Island that spectacularly showcases its coastal beauty is Blue Sound. Located in the North, Blue Sound is most well known for its hilltop monument: A tribute to the indigenous people and the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the New World.

Columbus' first landfall in 1492 was in the southern islands of the Bahamas. On one of his early return voyages, he visited Long Island, describing the beauty of Blue Sound in his logs. This area has remained largely untouched for centuries

Take a peek at the place that mesmerized Columbus in this photo essay of Blue Sound. To visit Long Island research its boutique hotels and learn more about the island.  

Ocean Entrance

There are two ways to enter Blue Sound: From the ocean side on the North End of Long Island, and from the mangrove creeks of Newton Cay. There is a shelf of underwater rocks right at the ocean entrance which makes it difficult for large boats to pass. Although Blue Sound is protected on all sides, the ocean entrance gets very rough on windy days making it extra difficult to cross. The ocean entrance is closest to the monument.
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The Monument

The View

The view of Blue Sound showcases the best of the Bahamas' waters and beaches. This shallow inlet has a river like opening. It empties into a protected cove that is home to turtles and many marine species. Blue Sound connects to an inland mangrove creek system that provides another safe way to enter the area. To kayak through the creek and launch into Blue Sound, you depart from Newton Cay. 
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The Beach

Blue Sound is dotted with many pristine beaches.  The shallow waters inside the Sound allow you to hike across the water from beach to beach in some areas. There is a lazy-river style current in some areas, which you can use to float around. Be careful with the current so you don't float out the entrance.   
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Pontoon Boat Tour

One of the best ways to experience Blue Sound is on a pontoon boat harbor tour. Boneafied Bonefishing tour company provides half-day charters to explore the area. They take guests meandering through the mangrove thickets from Newton Cay. It is not uncommon to see turtles, lemon sharks and many fish in this marine nursery. James "Docky" Smith, bonefishing guide and tour operator, has been exploring Blue Sound for all his life. As a child, he would sneak out with his friends to go fishing in Blue Sound. They'd build a fire on the beach and fry fresh fish, using the pans and oil snuck out of their parents' homes. 
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