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The Berry Islands is a cluster of 30 cays, southeast of Bimini, and is home to Chub Cay, Billfish capital of The Bahamas, often referred to as "The Fish Bowl of The Bahamas"

Bucket List
  • Sugar Beach Caves
  • Hidden blue hole on Hoffman’s Cay
  • Flo’s Conch Bar

Chub Cay borders a deep-sea gully known as the Tongue of the Ocean. Bait fish are drawn into the submarine gardens off its coast and larger fish follow, making it a fisherman’s paradise famous for its record-breaking catches. Some of the fish that can be found here are billfish, tuna, grouper, tiger fish, yellowtail snapper, wahoo, and king mackerel. The Berry Islands also boasts of some of the best bonefishing in The Bahamas. Annually, Great Harbour Cay is packed with visitors and fishing captains in for the annual fishing tournament.

Decked with greens and fringed with drifts of sand, these largely uninhabited islands are a magnet for sports fishermen and underwater adventurers. They are an endless source of one-of-a-kind water experiences.

The Berry Islands have a population of only about seven hundred people, most of whom live at Bullock’s Harbor, adjoining Great Harbor Cay.

A good number of the cays, like Frazier’s Hog Cay and Bonds Cay, suitable for stock raising and agriculture, are privately owned. Other private cays include Crab Cay, Cock Roach Cay, Frozen Cay, Alder Cay, Bird Cay and Petite Cay.

Visitors are encouraged to sample the culture through local cuisine and explore the historical past with stops at two lighthouses, ancient churches and abandoned cays. Throughout The Berry Islands, you will find healthy groves of coconut, pine and thatch berry trees.