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Landmarks, Attractions & Must-See Sights That Make Bimini A Top Vacation Destination.


Located just 50-miles off the coast of Florida, Bimini is one of the best places on Earth for a tropical vacation. A popular island for divers, anglers, and explorers, it is best known for its sports fishing. Choose from a number of wonderful hotels and resorts, and enjoy a unique vacation experience.

The limestone block discovered off the coast of North Bimini in 1968, is believed to be an undersea road to the Lost City of Atlantis. This half-mile stretch of neatly aligned relics named the Bimini Road, draws divers and differing opinions about the road's origins.

In addition, scuba divers, both novice and advanced, enjoy the abundance of underwater sites. Explore the Bimini Wall which plummets a heart-thumping 4000 feet, a WWII freighter wreck, and the sunken Spanish galleons SS Sapona to name a few.

It's believed Ponce de Leon stopped in Bimini during his search for the mythical Fountain of Youth in 1513. Some say he'd heard whispers of the fountain from an Indian tribe while he was governor of Puerto Rico. Many travelers visit the flats and pools of South Bimini, hoping to make the discovery. Perhaps the secret lies in the destination since The Bahamas is known as a place for a restoring Caribbean vacation.

There's a strong connection between dolphins and humans. In fact, many visitors come to Bimini to interact openly with our Atlantic dolphins. Get an up close and personal experience through groups like Wildquest or Eduardo Briones’ Bimini Undersea. There are also daylong ocean safaris for snorkelers and scuba divers with experienced operators like Neal Watson. If sharks are your thing, visit the Bimini Sharklab, which offers regular tours of its South Bimini research facility.

South of Easter Cay is the Healing Hole. Rumor has it those who bathe in its freshwater, sulfur pool experience a calming, zen-like aura. Memory Ledge meanwhile, is thought to produce a flood of life’s memories to those who lie on the ledge.

For history buffs, Bimini is equally captivating. Ernest Hemingway lived on the island from 1935 to 1937, fishing for marlin, tuna, and swordfish. Bimini is where he wrote To Have and Have Not while drinking extra dry vodka martinis. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited at least twice, where it is said he worked on some of his most important speeches. Enjoy first-hand accounts of island legend and lore in Alice Town, a settlement dating back to 1848. Make island historian Ashley Saunder’s Dolphin House your first stop. A unique structure of shells, sea glass and broken tiles, it's a labor of love and a not-to-be-missed experience.

Bimini offers great vacation deals so visitors can enjoy a lot or a little adventure during their stay. Browse further and discover why this island is perfect for your destination wedding or tropical honeymoon.


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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and answer the call of the coral reefs on your next escape to Andros. At Small Hope Bay Lodge, you can dive in and make a difference in an underwater excursion with The Reef Rescue Network. Powered by the Perry Institute for Marine Science, this ambitious reef rescue program works to protect the heart and soul of The Out Islands—our incredible coral reefs and the thousands of species of marine life that thrive there—and you won’t want to miss this thrilling underwater experience.

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