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Scuba Diving in Cat Island, The Bahamas

Cat Island features the highest peak in The Bahamas, a whopping 207 feet. More than that, on this island it is fun to get out on the road and explore, talk with locals and enjoy the heart of The Bahamas. One of the finest shallow Bahamian reefs, Dry Heads, is here, along with plenty of other shallow and medium depth reefs, miles of walls and a couple of excellent wrecks. 

Top Cat Island Dive Locations

First Basin Wall: 100-200ft. Deep-water drop-off facing the Great Bahama Bank
Blue Hole:  80-100ft.The circular depression leads to a descent along the outer walls
White Hole Reef: Circular depressions in the limestone basin surrounded by coral mounds
The Tunnels: 30ft. Shore coral garden with a series of crevices, canyons and fissures
Third Basin Reef: Wall 110-130ft. Nearly vertical drop-off with giant sponges and black coral bushes
Santa Maria Teresa: 20-30ft. 360-foot Spanish battleship sunk in 1898 during the Spanish American War 

Places to stay while diving in Cat Island

Shanna's Cove
Greenwood Beach Resort
Fernandez Bay Village
Pigeon Cay Beach Club
Hawk's Net



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