Getting to the Out Islands of The Bahamas is part of the Caribbean Vacation Experience

How do you get to the Out Islands? That’s part of the fun!

There are no bridges, no cruise ships and no formations of jumbo jets carrying nonstop streams of tourists to the Out Islands. If there were, the islands couldn’t offer the same vacation opportunities to those fortunate few seeking a special, natural experience. In the Out Islands, you’ll always find a stretch of beautiful beach to call your own, you won’t ever have to compete for the best fishing or snorkeling spots, and you’ll never feel like your hideaway is being overrun. Small-scale, no-rush, no-stress tourism keeps the character of the Out Islands intact and helps preserve the pristine natural environment and clean Bahamas air. It all adds up to a premium island vacation experience, which by definition is not designed for the masses. Your entry into the Out Islands – whether by scheduled airline, charter or private plane, or by boat – will be of that same intimate scale.

Flying to The Bahamas by commercial airline:

Most visitors arrive by commercial airline through one of the Florida gateways (Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami) or via the larger Bahamian airports (Nassau, Freeport). When the plane’s door pops open and you step into the sun and down onto the tarmac and breathe the Bahamas air (no sterile jetways or massive impersonal concourses here), you’ve truly arrived in Out Islands style.

Flying to The Bahamas by charter or private plane:

There are several charter companies that operate flights from Florida to the Out Islands. The convenience and personal service make this a great choice for small groups. For private pilots, steering your own aircraft over the stunning watercolor scenery of the Out Islands and landing on one of their 50-some airstrips is truly one of the great joys of flying.

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Traveling to The Bahamas by boat:

Crossing the Gulf Stream from Florida to one of the Out Islands is a wonderful experience. The trip is made, safely, by thousands of boaters each year. Many take part in flotillas, crossing together. Private boats must call at a port of entry to clear Customs and Immigration as soon as possible after arrival.

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New U.S. Passport Regulations

As of January 23, 2007 all U.S. citizens are required to carry valid U.S. passports when traveling to and from The Bahamas.

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