Bahamas My Out Island

The Favorite Vacation spot for Florida Residents

A quick vacation getaway to The Bahamas' Out Islands is a short hop from Florida.

Beyond the obvious geographic advantages, Floridians and The Out Islands of The Bahamas have a special relationship. The Bahamas, especially the Out Islands, is Florida's vacation playground for boating, fishing and diving. In addition to activities and attractions for water-lovers, true connoisseurs of the laid-back Caribbean Culture and land-based nature activities are beckoned to the clearest waters and the best beaches in the Bahamas.

Where to Stay in The Bahamas' Out Islands

Visitors to The Out Islands, especially Floridians, are savvy travelers looking for a unique place to stay. Choose from over 50 swank beachfront resorts, specialty boutique hotels or simply appointed fishing lodges. No matter where you stay, each caters to beach lovers, nature enthusiasts and adventure travelers alike. Whether your vacation plans include sailing in The Abacos, sport fishing in Bimini, bonefishing in Andros, diving in Long Island... accommodations in The Bahamas Out Islands offer something for every taste and every budget.

Getting to The Out Islands from Florida is a snap.

No matter where you are coming from in Florida, traveling to The Bahamas Out Islands is a short, easy trip. Several airlines have regularly scheduled flights to most of the Out Islands from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and other major Florida markets. To get to some of the more remote islands, you can choose from one of several charter services. The Bahamas Out Islands are a favorite destination for private pilots and many resorts offer special packages and discounts for aviators.

Boating to The Bahamas Out Islands

The Bahamas Out Islands are also a favorite destination for Florida boat owners and boating enthusiasts because it is so close. Gun Cay (part of Bimini) is only 44 miles from Miami. That's 9 hours for a sailboat, about 4.75 hours for a trawler, and 2.5 hours for a fast cruiser. While Bimini is the closest Out Island to Florida, the clear waters of The Abacos are a favorite sailing destination and dream vacation for many Florida residents.

The Abacos are an archipelago within the Out Islands, with Great Abaco as the "mainland" and a string of enchanting barrier islands (including Great Guana, Green Turtle, and Elbow Cay, home of historic Hopetown) fronting the Atlantic. In between is the Sea of Abaco, a warm, shallow, protected body of water that for boaters is a "crystal-blue highway."

Beaches of The Out Islands

Ask anyone what they remember and love most about The Out Islands. After a long list of favorites, you'll undoubtedly hear a consistent theme - the beaches. Beach lovers know that the over 700 islands and cays of The Bahamas offer a variety of breathtaking beaches, from beautiful pink sand to sugary-white powder and all shades and textures in between.

Sport Fishing in Bimini

Bimini, the sport fishing mecca of The Bahamas, and home to several Bahamas fishing tournaments is only 50 miles from the shores of Miami. Bimini Bay Resrot & Marina, Bimini's newest luxury resort, is a favorite destination for Floridians looking to escape for a vacation, weekend getaway, annual fishing trip or fishing tournament.


All of the Out Islands, including The Abacos, Acklins, Andros, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, The Exumas and Long Island are renowned for world-class fishing, and especially bonefishing. Because of its proximity, Florida fly fishing fanatics can afford to escape to the warm, shallow flats of their favorite bonefishing spot several times a year to reel in one these elusive grey ghosts.

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons in The Bahamas

Because of its proximity to Florida, beautiful beaches and over 50 uniquely Bahamaian resorts and boutique hotels, The Bahamas Out Islands are quickly becoming the ideal place for destination weddings. Friends and family of the bride and groom can easily get to any of the Out Islands to share this special event and create a lifetime of memories. Many hotels and resorts offer destination wedding packages, and have wedding planners on staff to help plan this very special occasion.

Newlyweds from around the world, the US and especially Florida come to The Out Islands searching for a romantic, alternative honeymoon, far from the crowded beaches, casinos and cruise lines of other tourist destinations.