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Eleuthera Island Landmarks and Attractions

Eleuthera is rich with historical landmarks and natural attractions.

About two miles east of Upper Bogue and north of Gregory Town at the narrowest part of Eleuthera Island, which is just 30 feet wide, is the Glass Window Bridge. Striking rock formations make up the Glass Window Bridge. The land here, is high on either side and abruptly falls away to nearly sea level almost dividing the island in two You can stand in one spot and see the gray Atlantic Ocean to the west and Exuma Sound to the east.

Another interesting land formation on Eleuthera Island is The Cow & The Bull about a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge. There are two large boulders, on one side, the boulder looks like a bull with two cows and on the other side, a bull with one cow. Both sets of boulders overlook the sea on both side, and when the weather is inclement and the wind passes through, the result is a roar that sounds like a bulls.

Preachers Cave is a large unique cave about 2 miles east of Gene’s Bay. Founders who landed and were sheltered here made an alter and held vigils in the cave, giving it it’s namesake.

If riding waves is your bag, then bring your gear and head out to Surfer’s Beach, just 2 miles south of Gregory Town, where southwest winds blow breaks in from the Atlantic. Even if you just want to watch, the 2 mile beach has some of the best sugary soft white sand in The Bahamas.

Just South of Surfer’s Beach is Hatchet Bay Cave. The cave is a mile long and filled with stalagmites and stalactites which will take on the appearance of underground Cathedrals in your torch light. Centuries old graffiti of charcoal signatures line the walls. It’s recommended to tour with a cave guide.

The waves at James Cistern Beach sometimes reach 10 feet due to a brisk southerly wind makes this another great surfing site at Eleuthera. There is also a shipwrecks just off shore, great for snorkeling when the water is calm.

People often sought out the healing powers of Ocean Hole, rumored to be a bottomless, natural limestone wonder on the south edge of Rock Sound in Eleuthera. Filled with tropical fish and turtles who greet visitors, the brackish water is said to have medicinal purposes. Partake at your own risk.

One of the best beaches in Eleuthra, some say even better than Pink Sands is a hidden gem called Lighthouse Beach. Located on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera Point behind some sand dunes is a fantastic secluded blush rose sand beach. With great snorkeling just a walk off the beach, it is a great place to pack a picnic basket and spend an entire romantic afternoon or sunset stroll with your better half.