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Scuba Diving in Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Home of the first republic in the “New World,” there are more natural wrecks here than any other island. The Devil’s Backbone is a shallow and jagged reef extending across the northern edge of Eleuthera. This reef has torn the bottom out of more vessels than any other reef in the nation.

Top Diving Sites on Eleuthera

Devil’s Backbone:    Dozens of shipwrecks, including three wrecks layered upon each other
Plateau:     45-100ft. Rolling coral mounds, undercut by ledges
The Arch: A giant arch of coral that forms a nearly concealed grotto
Current Cut: Divers ride the current through a marine menagerie of fish and Eagle Rays
The Pinnacles: 100 ft. Dive on a cavernous mountain of coral
Carnavon: 35 ft. This intact 200-foot freighter sank in 1919

Places to stay while diving in Eleuthera

Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina
Laughing Bird Apartments
Squires Estate