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Explore the depths of Andros’ Tongue of the Ocean, barrier reef and inland Blue Holes

Andros is home to one dive operation: Small Hope Bay. Segmented by an abundance of creeks, Andros includes all the cultural wealth of the remote Out Islands, a thick marine community plus a geological definition of The Bahamas. It is bordered by the third largest barrier reef in the world, more than 130 miles of continuous reef. Blue Holes are an integral part of the development of these islands, and Andros is blessed with possibly the largest number of these natural phenomena. Defining the primary dive sites off Andros is virtually impossible because of the vast territory. Just let it be known that one can partake of everything from shallow snorkeling adventures to walls to wrecks to big animal encounters to truly edge-oriented technical diving. You definitely can make your choices here.

Top Andros Diving Locations

Over the Wall: Barrier reef dive with a deep descent over the vertical lip of the drop-off
Edge of the Wall:  Mid-depth dive through the reefs and pinnacles adjacent to the final drop-off
Giant Staircase: A series of coral platforms that descend in steps toward the ultimate wall
Gardens Dense: Coral, prolific reef and schooling fish
The Marion: 70ft. An excellent day or night wreck dive 

Places to stay while Diving in Andros 

Small Hope Bay Lodge - Fresh Creek, North Andros


is Calling

an eco-tourism escape

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and answer the call of the coral reefs on your next escape to Andros. At Small Hope Bay Lodge, you can dive in and make a difference in an underwater excursion with The Reef Rescue Network. Powered by the Perry Institute for Marine Science, this ambitious reef rescue program works to protect the heart and soul of The Out Islands—our incredible coral reefs and the thousands of species of marine life that thrive there—and you won’t want to miss this thrilling underwater experience.

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