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Blog | Guana Cay: A must do island-hopping activity in the Abacos |
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Guana Cay: A must do island-hopping activity in the Abacos

A day away on Guana Cay is worth your while

I was lucky enough to live on Great Guana Cay for six months and it was during this time I realized, although small, there is something extraordinary about this Out Island in the Abacos. Locally referred to as “Guana” or “the Cay”, the island is known for great food, snorkelling and beach bars.

The island was once home to 19th-century loyalists looking to resettle in the Bahamas when it was a British Colony. Today, the island still reveals glimpses of its past in the architectural style of its buildings and its narrow roads.

When visiting the Abacos, whether staying on mainland Great Abaco - down in Schooner Bay or up in Treasure Cay - a day away on the Cay is worth your while.  

Here is a list of a few favourite spots.

The Buoy Tree

In keeping with the nautical tradition of upcycling washed-up buoys, bumpers, and floats, Guana Cay has a famous buoy tree on its western end. Travelers to the island find this aged Kamalame tree with its network of branches and vein-like twigs to be Instagram worthy: Not just because the red bark of the tree is beautiful. The tree is adorned with ocean buoys, life rafts and other items from various oceanic adventures. Visitors leave their mark on the island by hanging additional buoys on the tree’s branches or writing their names on one of the existing ornaments. It is a sight to behold so don’t forget to bring your phone or camera.


Love Beach

Love Beach is centrally located on the north side of the Cay and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean without the crowd. From the center of town, it's a 3-minute drive west on Carlin Roberts Parkway, which is the main road running across the Cay. The sandy path that leads to the beach is marked by a road sign. Once you arrive, you are greeted by the bright blues of the ocean, and the breaking waves that wash the shoreline. Locals have constructed a two-person beach cabana outfitted with lounge chairs which make Love Beach great for a picnic or just a bit of sky-gazing and relaxation.


Sunset Beach

 You don’t have to stay the night to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets around; you just have to head over to Sunset Beach. To find the beach, head over to the beachfront Grabbers Bed, Bar and Grill. Grabbers has the best view of the sunset on all of Guana, as it sets over the Sea of Abaco. When it leaves behind clouds of orange, purple and blue hues you can hardly look away from the sky.

Travel Tips:

  • Great Guana Cay is only accessible by boat from the Abaco mainland. Albury’s Ferry Service offers daily water taxis from Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay.
  • It is easy to simply walk around the island, but golf carts are available to rent. Maps can be hard to come across, but they aren’t necessary. You can ask virtually anyone you pass on the street for directions.
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