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We wish your Bahamas Out Island experience to be relaxing and this includes your travel so please allow a minimum of 2 ½ hours total ahead of your Bahamas arrival or departure. Upon air arrival at Nassau's or Grand Bahama's International Terminal you are required to clear Bahamas Immigration and after collecting your luggage from Baggage claim clear Bahamas Customs. Note there is a special visitors line in Bahamas Customs for swift processing. Flights to the Out Islands are located in the Domestic Terminal; a short walking distance from the International terminal with the recommended check-in time for local flights of 1 ½ hours before departure. After check-in proceed to the security check-point before entering the boarding area to await your departing flight announcement. Upon your return from the Out Islands you would collect your baggage then for non-US departures stay in the same terminal to check-in to your International flight and security checkpoints. For US departures please proceed to the US Departures Terminal for check-in and US Preclearance.