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Taxi Time

Taxis in the Out Islands are a wonderful way to get around, because you not only get a where you’re going, you’re also apt to get a free history lesson, a guided tour, and personal recommendations (and sometimes even introductions) for restaurants, bars, fishing holes and anything else you’re looking for.

Sit back and relax, and you’ll soon realize that each Out Island taxi driver knows everyone on the island. As you head to your destination, your driver (a lot of Out Islands taxis are operated by women) will be constantly waving and beeping hellos, and sometimes pausing to pass messages and bits of news and gossip as an integral part of the island’s “coconut telegraph.”

Taxi drivers will be waiting at the tiny Out Island airports when you land. If not, just ask anyone and they’ll find a radio or use a cell phone to call one for you (usually one of their siblings or cousins). Hotels, restaurants and bars can all call taxis for you too – no one stands out in the road trying to hail a cab (taxis here don’t roam, they just sit at likely spots or they’re home waiting by the radio) though if you did stand out on the road, it’s just as likely that a passing driver will give you a lift.

Fares are pretty reasonable in the Out Islands, considering how expensive it is to get cars and fuel here. You won’t find meters in the taxis, but the driver will be happy to tell you how much it’ll cost to get from here to there. If you’re heading out for a beach day or for the evening, the same driver will also be happy to arrange your pick-up at a certain time.