Long Island Beach - The Out Islands of The Bahamas, An Active Traveler's Paradise
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Lots to Do On a Caribbean Vacation in The Out Islands of The Bahamas

The Out Islands of The Bahamas are an active Caribbean vacation traveler’s paradise full of authentic, off-the-beaten-path vacation destinations with lots to do.

Whether you visit with a specific sport or activity in mind, or you’re in the Out Islands for a destination wedding or tropical honeymoon, or just here to have your dream Bahamas vacation, you’ll find fun waiting for you. With some of the world’s best diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, flying, island-hopping and beach combing, the Bahamas Out Islands have long been known as the sportsman’s Caribbean island paradise.

Diving and Fishing Bahamas Vacations

Divers and fishermen were the pioneering visitors to many of the islands, drawn by the incredibly clear water, thriving coral reefs and record-breaking game fish that swarm in the deep-blue of the Gulf Stream and offshore waters as well as on the productive flats, which are home to the feisty bonefish. Snorkelers find stunning coral gardens all throughout the archipelago along with unique thrills like swimming with the wild dolphins off Bimini and exploring the mysterious blue holes of Andros. Our diving and fishing excursions will truly make all of your Bahamas vacations one to remember!

Boating and Sailing Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas vacations are excellent for boaters and sailors that enjoy year-round access to the excellent cruising waters of the Sea of Abaco, and boats constantly make the crossing from Florida to the Out Islands of The Bahamas for fishing and diving expeditions.

Kayaking Bahamas Vacations

Literally thousands of miles of calm Caribbean coastline and fascinating tidal creeks await kayakers – bird-and-wildlife watchers can double their sightings by spotting both from topside hiking trails and by silently paddling amid the lush mangrove forests.

Birdwatching Bahamas Vacations

Birders life lists are expanded here not only by the famed pink flamingoes and rare Bahama Parrot that call the Out Islands home, but also by 43 other endemic species, by more than 100 kinds of birds that breed here and by the reported 169 others that stay some of the year in the Out Islands as part of their migration.

Island Hopping Bahamas Vacations

With so many islands to choose from, hopping between The Bahamas Out Islands is not only an activity for all Caribbean vacations, it’s a passion. At the “island chains within the chain” like the Abacos and the Exumas, island-hoppers can easily do an island a day, finding new experiences on each. And for those with the time, the convenient island-hopping available between Out Islands makes for perfect island-sampler vacations – anyone for diving Long Island, bone fishing in the Exumas and going for blue marlin off the Abacos?

Flying to The Bahamas

Private pilots have the island-hopping down pat, taking wing over the world’s most beautiful blue scenery with great air strips waiting to welcome them up and down the Out Islands.

Beach Combing Bahamas Vacations

And with the world’s best beaches, the Out Islands of The Bahamas naturally has some of the world’s best beach-combing – there’s always something fascinating to see along the shore, whether it’s a rare shell or exotic seed pod carried there by the currents.

Out Island Events

Along with all the natural attractions and activities, the Out Islands also offer a series of events worth traveling to see, particularly the regattas (boat races and floating parties -- the largest of which take place in the Exumas and the Abacos) and uniquely Bahamian celebrations like Junkanoo “rushes” which happen most boisterously on New Year’s Day.

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