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bimini snorkeling

Snorkeling in Bimini

On the most western shores of The Bahamas archipelago, the clear turquoise waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean break against a tiny island named Bimini. Barely seven miles long and only 700 feet wide, Bimini lies along the warm currents of the Gulfstream forming a remarkably diverse preserve of coral reefs, white sand beaches and fascinating marine life.

Bimini’s most famous visitor was Ernest Hemingway, whose “Islands in the Stream” is based upon his island exploits. Bimini’s past is also linked to the lost city of Atlantis, where many scientists have searched for clues of the ancient stone monoliths called the “Bimini Road.”

The main town called Alice Town, is a quaint village with lots of character and colorful strawmarkets, excellent resorts and friendly residents. Part of the adventure to getting to the Bimini, is like stepping back into history or jumping into an “Indiana Jones” movie.

The shallow lagoons and nearby reefs are full of colorful and oddly shaped fish with domes of brain corals and acres of seafans.

Bimini Snorkeling Sites

Bimini Road – Stone monoliths believed to be part of the lost city of Atlantis.

Sapona – Interesting snorkel-dive through a concrete ship.

Turtle Rocks – Three different areas with lots of big corals and plenty of fish.

LaChance Rocks – Huge rocks with plenty of small marine critters and fuzzy sea whips.

Rainbow Reef – A coral ridge, one of the most fishiest reefs in The Bahamas.

Bimini Shoreline – Lots of corals and rock formations with sponges covering the reefside.

Healing Hole – Thought to be the site of the “Fountain of Youth”.

Round Rock - A shallow snorkel dive over a series of rocks and corals.

Stingray Hole – Lots of stingrays swirl around your fins. Bring some fresh fish strips and try hand feeding them.

Eagle Ray Run – Where dozens of eagle rays swim in formations like jet fighters.