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Snorkeling Long Island

Facing the rich blue Atlantic on one side and the turquoise Caribbean on the other, Long Island lives in the juxtaposition of the two worlds. With high cliffs, rolling hills, peaceful coves, sloping beaches and unexploited coral reefs, the island has many varied and wonderful faces. Farming, fishing, boat-building are the day to day realities in the trim, self-contained Bahamian community. This is the heart and spirit of the southern out-islands.

The beaches are magnificent—long sweeping expanses of perfect, talcum-fine, white sand rolling into the sun patterned azure waters of the shallows. Desire some land exploration? Try hiking up to the Columbus monument at the top of the north end cliffs (the location of his landfall) or down into caves complete with pre-Columbian, Amerindian drawings. Offshore, each side of the island features a distinctively different reality. The rugged Atlantic coast features corals appropriate to the varying conditions. On the Caribbean side, look for waving soft corals. On both sides look for an abundance of reef fish and other critters.

On Long Island, the rich bounty of the land and of the sea is it’s the greatest asset, one they invite you to share.

Long Island Snorkeling Sites

Poseidon Point – One of the few places where you can see big tarpon swim through the reef.

Coral Gardens – Breathtaking valleys, caves and overhangs. Good opportunity to sea hawksbill sea turtles.

Columbus Harbour – Where Columbus first landed and anchored his ships.

Rainbow Reef – Elkhorn corals and lots of good size sponges in multiple colors.

Flamingo Tongue Reef – Just about every type of coral and fish imaginable on a reef.

Newton’s Cay – Protected by hundreds of coral heads and outer reefs.

Rock Pools – Is an interesting area of tidal pools and swim-in formations. Look for small crabs that live in these pools.

Turtle Cove – Huge area of turtle grass where you can find precious shells.

Eagle Ray Reef – An area of extremely wondrous coral formations and huge friendly grouper.

Watermelon Beach – Look for colorful parrotfish and small damsels among the acres of staghorn coral.


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