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exumas snorkeling

Snorkeling in the Exumas

Looking like an emerald and pearl necklace strewn across the sparkling turquoise of the sea, the Exumas provide one of the prettiest settings for boating, sailing , fishing and snorkeling in the entire Bahamas.

Some 360 sparsely populated islands, islets and cays spill down the west side of the Exuma Sound for 100 miles before culminating in the most populace islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma. Invitingly soft, white-sand beaches stretch along the length of the chain, crating the perfect place for barefoot relaxation. For a more intense party time, try the Out Islands Regatta in Great Exuma in April, the largest Regatta held in the country.

From iguanas to regattas, from it’s homey sense of belonging to it’s rich sense of history, the Exumas offers a chance to just kick back and enjoy the natural wealth of the land.

The shallow, crystal-clear azure waters reveal the true wealth of the Exumas, corals and sea fans scattered across the brilliant, white sand bottom. Turtle and grouper huddle with lobster under each sun-dappled nugget of coral. A halo of brightly tinted tropical fish surrounds each coral head, living jewels creating a wealth beyond gold.

Exuma Snorkeling Sites

Harbour Buoy Portside – A very active reef with plenty of things to see and discover.

Harbour Buoy Starboard – An old ship’s mast marks the northern end of the reefs. Lots of big brain corals.

Loaded Barrel Reef – Look for large sea beds of staghorn corals and tropical creatures.

Jolly Hall – This reef is a hatchery for the many schools of grunts and yellowtail snapper nearby.

Liz Lee Shoals – Shallow reef with plenty of brain corals among a variety of soft corals.

Duck Cay South – This area has a tiered reef structure with a kaleidoscope of color an sea plant life.

Duck Cay North – An unusual reef formation with a variety of smaller fish along with clouds of schooling snapper.

Duck Cay East & West – A beautiful stretch of beach slopes to a myriad of undersea corals.

Three Sisters - Three shallow reefs teeming with smaller schools of fish.

Bird Cay – Sea life surrounds the small cay, home to an unusual variety of small tropical fish.