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Where to go bonefishing in The Out Islands

From north to south in the Out Islands you’ll find dedicated bonefish lodges, with professional guides, best suited for avid/hardcore fly fishermen. Accommodations, however, are also readily available if you are traveling with family members or non-fly fishing friends who require more non-fishing activities

Bonefishing in The Abacos

In the Abacos, fishermen and their guides fan out over the "Marls" on great Abaco's west side and the bonefishing in Cherokee Sound, on its east.

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Bonefishing in Andros

Split and splintered by watery bights and cuts, Andros has incredibly varied bonefishing. The best spots around North Andros include the Joulter Cays, while in South Andros, guides head to Deep Creek and Little Creek, as well as the legendary west side and the southern tip of the island, where many of the prime fishing grounds have barely been unexplored.

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Bonefishing in Bimini

Bimini is surrounded by miles of rich flats that are perfect for fly fishermen to fish Bonefish, Permit, Grouper, and Snapper. They all make their home in the back bay of the island. 

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Bonefishing in Cat Island

For D-I-Y anglers, Cat Island is a great place to experience excellent, unpressured fly fishing. 

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Bonefishing in Eleuthera & Harbour Island

Areas around North Eleuthera and the island's vast creek system are ideal for the perfect bonefish hunt. 

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Bonefishing in The Exumas

Most flats on Great Exuma are tucked away from the island by channels of shallow, crystal-clear water. Here you will find some of the best bonefishing in the world. 

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Bonefishing in Long Island (The Bahamas)

Long Island consists of thousands of acres of untouched, uncrowded flats with very little angling pressure where you can experience consistently good fishing, many within a five or ten-minute ride from the island’s hotels.

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Bonefishing on Acklins Islands

Acklins Island - one of the quietest islands of The Bahamas - embraces enormous areas of virgin flats and is ready to be discovered by adventurous fishermen armed with excellent local guides.

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